Transdisciplinary research

Here, transdisciplinary research achievements are summarized.

Development of Disadvantaged Areas

JSPS Program for Leading Graduate Schools – TAOYAKA Program (Taoyaka Society – a flexible, enduring, and peaceful society of coexistence): here

Global Environmental Issues

[JST] Global Environmental Leaders Special Education Program: here

Capacity Building for Environmental Management

[JSPS] The 21st COE Program for Social Capacity Development for Environmental Management and International Cooperation: here


Our program members have actively conducted research on the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020. The following are some achievements.

  • Our program members co-organized the first international conference on pandemics in the urban and transport fields [International e-Conference on Pandemics and Transport Policy (ICPT2020)]. Details: here.

Nexuses with Energy

Disasters and Planning

Nexuses with Health

Smart Cities

Smart mobility, autonomous vehicles, smartphone apps, smart energy, smart health, smart built environment, etc.


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