Energy Science and Technology

Based on coastal and ocean engineering, and architecture and so on, the staff in this field conduct education and research related to various energy technologies for realizing environmentally sustainable development.

Kubota’s Lab (Laboratory of Building and Urban Environmental Science in Asia: BUESA)

The main research focus of BUESA is on energy-saving technologies for buildings and cities, particularly in hot-humid climates of Southeast Asia. In Asia, one of the uniqueness can be seen in terms of ‘diversity’. The goal of this lab is to accumulate the ‘Asian wisdoms’ for achieving the energy-saving objectives through sharing the diverse environments and circumstances from different Asian countries. “Sustainable Architecture I” and “Sustainable Architecture II” are major education subjects provided by this lab.

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Nishina’s Lab (Architectural Environment Laboratory)

Nowadays, reduction of the energy consumption has been an urgent task, especially after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. The research of this lab focuses on the means of improving energy efficiency in the building equipment system such as air conditioning and hot water supply. In addition, energy saving by utilization of sustainable energy is also targeted. Furthermore, this lab deals with indoor thermal environment and behavior of residents. Approaches from the social and psychological aspects are often applied. The major education subject provided by this lab is “Environmental Planning”.

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