Risk Management and Technology

Based on civil engineering, soil engineering and so on, the staff in this field conduct education and research related to risk management and technology for realizing environmentally sustainable development.

Chikaraishi’s Lab (Infrastructure Planning and Urban Risk Management Laboratory)

The Infrastructure and Risk Management Laboratory deals with analysis, modeling, and evaluation of various risks related to environmental issues, population decline, natural disasters, accidents, and poverty, etc. for the development of sustainable infrastructure systems in both developed and developing countries. “Fundamentals of Survey Methodology” and “Risk Management Technology” are major lectures given by this lab.

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Yamamoto’s Lab (Geo-Disaster Prevention Engineering Laboratory)

There are various types of ground disasters such as landslide, slope failure, settlements, side flow and so on due to earthquake or heavy rain. The main research subject of this lab is the incidence mechanisms of ground disasters for developing disaster prevention and countermeasure construction methods. Accordingly, research topics related to basic Geotechnique, Soil mechanics, Foundation engineering, Failure mechanics of soils and Environmental protection of ground are emphasized. “Ground Disaster Prevention Engineering I” and “Ground Disaster Prevention Engineering II” are major education subjects given by this lab.

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