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The Innovative Asia initiative, conducted by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), aims to enhance the circulation of competent human resources between Japan and Asian countries and to promote innovation throughout Asia, by providing students from 12 Asian countries with opportunities to conduct research, enroll in master’s or doctoral programs at Japanese universities and participate in internships with Japanese companies.

Officially dispatched students under the program will enroll in Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC), Hiroshima University as Research Students in the Research Student Program starting from October 2018. Participants who pass the entrance examination for April 2019 will be eligible to enroll in the master’s Programs in IDEC, Hiroshima University. Those who do not pass the entrance examination must return to their home countries.

1. Number of students to be admitted 

  • 4 students for Master’s program

2. Admission requirements

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements.

  • 1) Nationality: Citizens of one of the 12 Asian countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam)
  • 2) Age: Under 35 years of age (as of 1st September 2018)
  • 3) Education: Bachelor’s degree holders for Master’s program from the Partner Schools (as of 1st September 2018)
  • 4) Working experience/Status: n/a
  • 5) English – language proficiency: Adequate English skills both in written and oral communication to complete the master’s program.
  • 6) Understanding of the program: Applicants are required to have clear understanding of the objectives of the Innovative Asia Initiative, and to have a strong will to contribute to the industrial development of their home countries as well as to strengthen the linkage between their countries and Japan.
  • 7) Others: Applicants must both physically and mentally fit for the program, and must not receive or plan to receive a scholarship offered by other foreign organizations.

3. Documents to be submitted

Applicants must submit the following documents within the submission period below.

  • 1) Application form for enrollment as an international research student (use the Application Forms supplied below)
  • 2) Personal History (use the Application Forms supplied below)
  • 3) Diploma or Certificate of expected graduation (* If the applicant enrolls in or has completed a graduate school, the diploma or certificate of the graduate program as well as the undergraduate program must be submitted. Please make sure that the diploma or certificate includes the degree information.)
  • 4) Academic transcript (* If the applicant enrolls in or has completed a graduate school, the transcripts of the graduate program as well as the undergraduate program must be submitted.)
  • 5) Letter of Recommendation (from the dean or president of the faculty at the university attended)
  • 6) Medical certificate
  • 7) Language Test Score Certificate (TOEFL® or other equivalent English language test, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test or other equivalent Japanese language test)
  • 8) Research proposal (approx. 4 pages in A4 size, free format)
  • 9) Career plan after completion (approx. 1-2 pages in A4 size, free format)

* English translation should be attached if the documents above are written in other languages.

* Download: Application forms

[NOTE] Applicants are recommended and encouraged to contact to a perspective academic supervisor in advance in preparation of the required documents such as the Research Proposal. A supervisor has to be selected in Professor or Associate Professor levels only within the list. 

4. Submission period

Applicants must submit the required documents above by email first, and then send the original documents via air mail within the following period. Documents arrived later than the deadline will not be considered for the selection procedure.

  • 1) Scanned (PDF, …) documents:   18th May in 2018 (application period for 2018 October enrollment is closed)
  • 2) Original documents:   25th May in 2018

5. Where to send

  • 1) Scanned (PDF, …) documents:    jds-idec(at)ml.hiroshima-u.ac.jp (* change (at) to @)
  • 2) Original documents:
  •       Student Support Office
  •       Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC)
  •       Hiroshima University
  •       1-5-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8529, Hiroshima, JAPAN

6. Selection procedure

  • 1) Document screening: The results of documents screening will be informed individually as soon as the screening procedure completed.
  • 2) Interviews: After the first document screening, the Skype Interviews will be arranged and carried out within May 2018 for those who are selected from the documents screening.

[NOTE] Acceptance letters will be issued only to those who are finally selected from the document screening and interview. 

7. Entrance procedure

Those who are finally selected for Master’s program in IDEC, Hiroshima University, must complete all the entrance procedures by the date specified. The followings are the documents to be submitted:

  • 1) Student Information Registration Sheet (学生情報登録シート: use the form supplied)
  • 2) Pledge (誓約書: use the form supplied)
  • 3) Photo ID Card (写真票: use the form supplied)
  • 4) Certificate of Graduation (Completion) and Transcript (for those who applied prior to actual graduation)
  • 5) Certificate of Residence (for those living outside Japan at the time of application)

* A specific instruction for entrance procedure will be provided after you get the approval to enter our school.

8. Related information

[in Japanese]

JICA イノベーティブ・アジア


1. 対象人数(2018年度バッチ)


2. 応募要件

  • 1) 原則として,対象 12 カ国のいずれかの国籍を有すること
  • 2) 原則として,正規課程入学前年の9月1日時点で35歳未満であること
  • 3) パートナー校の卒業生であり,来日年の9月1日時点で学士号を取得していること
  • 4) 日本の大学において修士課程を修了するうえで,十分な英語力及び学力を有すること
  • 5) 本プログラムの目的を明確に理解したうえで全プログラムを修了し,帰国後も日本との紐帯を強固にする明確な意思を有すること
  • 6) 正規課程入学前年の9月1日時点で他の海外支援による奨学金を受給していない,あるいは受給予定ではないこと
  • 7) 心身ともに健康であること

3. 申請書類


  • 1) 外国人研究生許可願(交付の用紙を使用)
  • 2) 履歴書(交付の用紙を使用)
  • 3) 卒業(見込)・学位授与証明書
  • 4) 成績証明書
  • 5) 出身学校長又は所属長の発行する推薦書
  • 6) 医師の健康診断書
  • 7) 語学試験の成績証明書(TOEIC, IELTS, …)
  • 8) 研究計画書(書式自由;A4・4ページ程度,希望する指導予定教員名を記載すること)
  • 9) 修了後のキャリアプラン(修了後半年のインターンシッププランを含む)(書式自由;A4・1~2ページ程度)
    * Download: Application forms

4. 申請書類の提出締切


  • 1) 2018年 5月18日 (電子ファイルによる申請.)
  • 2) 2018年 5月25日 (申請書類の原本)

5. 申請書類提出先

  • 1) 電子メール:jds-idec(at)ml.hiroshima-u.ac.jp(注:[at]は@にして下さい。)
  • 2) 郵送先:〒739-8529 東広島市鏡山一丁目5番1号 広島大学大学院国際協力研究科学生支援室(入試担当)

6. 選考過程

  • 1)書類審査:1次書類審査結果と面接日程は個人的に通報・調整する。
  • 2)面接:1次書類審査から選ばれた応募者に対し、Skypeなどによる面接を2018年5月中に実施する。

7. 受け入れ先および関連研究分野

8. プログラム詳細および関連ウェブサイト

JICA Innovative Asia (外部サイト)

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