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NEWS: Our program is recruiting a Professor with tenure or an Associate Professor on Tenure Track System in the research area of transdisciplinary research on environmentally sustainable development via the use of information science (e.g., data science, machine learning, deep learning, AI, IoT, smart technologies) in the context of developing countries. All application materials must be sent to Prof. Junyi Zhang (zjy(at) by 5:00 pm on November 30, 2020 (Japan time).


  • Details of this open international job offer 募集詳細:
  • Instruction for filling out the application forms 申請書類の書き方:
  • Files that are required to submit 提出が必要な申請書類:
  • Inquiry to: Prof. Junyi Zhang [zjy(at)]

In the Development Science Field, we conduct education and research related to (1) urban and transportation engineering, (2) energy science and technology, (3) risk management and technology, (4) biological science and technology, and (5) environmental health sciences for environmentally sustainable development mainly in developing countries from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Urban and Transportation Engineering

Energy Science and Technology

Risk Management and Technology

Biological Science and Technology

Environmental Health Science


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