Tetsu KUBOTA(久保田 徹)

  • Position: Professor
  • Major: Building and Urban Environmental Science
  • Subjects: Sustainable Architecture
  • Research Theme: Building and urban environmental science for achieving sustainable development in developing world


  1. Toe, D.H.C., Kubota, T. (2015) Comparative assessment of vernacular passive cooling techniques for improving indoor thermal comfort of modern terraced houses in hot-humid climate of Malaysia, Solar Energy (in press).
  2. Kubota, T., Toe, D.H.C., Ossen, D.R. (2014) Field investigation of indoor thermal environments in traditional Chinese shophouses with courtyards in Malacca, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 13(1), 247-254.
  3. Toe, D.H.C., Kubota, T. (2013) Development of an adaptive thermal comfort equation for naturally ventilated buildings in hot-humid climates using ASHRAE RP-884 database, Frontiers of Architectural Research, 2(3), 278-291.
  4. Kubota, T., Toe, D.H.C. and Ahmad, S. (2009) The effects of night ventilation technique on indoor thermal environment for residential buildings in hot-humid climate of Malaysia, Energy and Buildings, 41(8), 829-839.

Research theme for students

(Master course)
  1. Assessment of urban heat island in the Hanoi Master Plan 2030 and its mitigation
  2. Impact of urban heat island under the Hanoi Master Plan on energy consumption for air conditioning in residential buildings
  3. Factors influencing window opening behavior in apartments of Indonesia: Natural ventilation strategies for new middle class apartments
  4. Development of an environmental education program using outdoor learning for elementary school children in Cambodia: A pilot project on water quality monitoring in Phnom Penh
(Ph.D course)
  1. Life cycle assessment of energy and CO2 emissions for residential buildings in major cities of Indonesia
  2. Application of passive cooling techniques to improve indoor thermal comfort of modern urban houses in hot-humid climate of Malaysia

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