Sonoko WATANABE(渡辺 園子)


  • Postion: Specially Appointed Associate Professor
  • Major: Conservation Ecology
  • Subjects: Conservation Ecology
  • Research Theme: Conservation of biodiversity in agricultural and satoyama ecosystem, Spatial structure and pattern of ecosystems / 保全生態学



  1. Isagi, Y., Kawaguchi, H., Tateno, R. and Watanabe, S. (2007) Effective pollen dispersal is enhanced by the genetic structure of an Aesculus turbinata population. Journal of Ecology, 95: 983-990.
  2. Isagki, Y., Tateno, R., Matsuki, Y., Hirao, A., Watanabe, S. and Shibata, M. (2007) Genetic and reproductive consequences of forest fragmentation for populations of Magnolia obovata. Ecological Research, 22: 382-389.

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