Miyabi NAKABAYASHI (中林 雅)

  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Major: 熱帯生態学、動物生態学 (Tropical ecology, animal ecology)
  • Subjects: NA
  • Research Theme: 熱帯雨林における哺乳類と植物の相互作用、種子散布 (animal-plant interaction, seed dispersal)


Book Chapters


Nakabayashi M, Jumian P (2019) Species diversity of Ficus in the Sungai Rawog Conservation Area. In: SFD, KTS (eds.) Proceedings of the Seminar on Sungai Rawog Conservation Area Scientific Expedition. pp.83-89. Sabah Forestry Department & KTS plantation Sdn. Bhd.

Matsuda I, Nakabayashi M, Otani Y, Sau Wai Y, Tuuga A, Wong A, Bernard H, Wich SA, & Kubo T (2019) “Comparison of plant diversity and phenology of riverine and mangrove forests with those of the dryland forest in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia” In: Nowak K, Barnett AA, & Matsuda I (eds.) Primates in Flooded Habitats: Ecology and Conservation. pp. 15-28. Cambridge University Press.


中林雅(2018)『うんこ』でつながるビントロングと絞め殺しイチジク」『野生動物―追いかけて、見つめて知りたいキミのこと』, 京都大学野生動物研究センター 編 . 京都通信社, pp. 58-59. (分担執筆)

中林雅 (2016) 「夜の熱帯雨林で見えたもの」『はじめてのフィールドワーク ①アジア・アフリカの哺乳類編』, 田島知之・本郷峻・松川あおい・飯田恵理 子・澤栗秀太・中林雅・松本卓也・田和優子・仲澤伸子 著. 東海大学出版部, pp. 39-76. (分担執筆)


Nakabayashi M (2020) List of food plants of four sympatric Paradoxuriane civet species based on eight-year records on Borneo. Tropics, in press

Nakabayashi M, Inoue Y, Ahmad AH, Izawa M (2019) Limited directed seed dispersal in the canopy as one of the determinants of the low hemi-epiphytic figs’ recruitments in Bornean rainforests. PLOS ONE, pone.0217590. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Ahmad AH (2018) Short-term movements and strong dependence on figs of binturongs (Arctictis binturong) in Bornean rainforests. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 64: 66. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Ahmad AH, Kohshima S (2017) Horizontal habitat preference of three sympatric Paradoxurinae civet species in a small area in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 63: 2. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Ahmad AH, Kohshima S (2017) Fruit selection of a binturong (Arctictis binturong) by focal animal sampling in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Mammalia, 81:107-110. Link to Abstract

Nakabayashi M (2016) Observations of intra- and inter-specific interactions of Small-toothed Palm Civets Arctogalidia trivirgata in the Danum Valley Conservation Area, Borneo. Small Carnivore Conservation, 54:19-22. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Nakashima Y, Hearn AJ, Ross J, Alfred R, Mohamed A, Heydon M, Bernard H, Semiadi G, Fredriksson G, Berkel TV, Brodie J, Giordano A, Hall J, Loken B, Persey S, David W, Belant JL, Kramer-schadt S, Wilting A (2016) Predicted distribution of the common palm civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (Mammalia: Carnivora: Viverridae) on Borneo. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, Supplement 33: 84-88. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Ahmad AH, Kohshima S (2016) Behavioral feeding strategy of frugivorous civets in a Bornean rainforest. Journal of Mammalogy, 97: 798-805. Link to Abstract

Nakabayashi M, Nakashima Y, Bernard H, Kohshima S (2014) Utilization of gravel roads and roadside forests by common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) in Sabah, Malaysia. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 62: 379-388. Link to Paper

Ancrenaz M, Sollmann R, Nakabayashi M (15th) et al. (2014) Coming down from the trees: Is terrestrial activity in Bornean orangutans natural or disturbance driven? Scientific Reports, online, doi:10.1038/srep04024. Link to Abstract

Struebig M, Wilting A, Nakabayashi M (55th) et al. (2014) Targeted Conservation to Safeguard a Biodiversity Hotspot from Climate and Land-Cover Change. Current biology, 25: 372–378. Link to Abstract

Nakashima Y, Nakabayashi M, Sukor JA (2012) Space use, habitat selection, and day-beds of the common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) in human-modified habitats in Sabah, Borneo. Journal of Mammalogy, 94: 1169-1178. Link to Abstract

Nakabayashi M, Bernard H, Nakashima Y (2012) An observation of several Common Palm Civets Paradoxurus hermaphroditus at a fruiting tree of Endospermum diadenum in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia: comparing feeding patterns of frugivorous carnivorans. Small Carnivore Conservation, 47: 42-45. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Yamaoka R, Nakashima Y (2012) Do faecal odours enable domestic cats (Felis catus) to distinguish familiarity of the donors? Journal of Ethology, 30: 325-329. Link to Abstract

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