Dang Xuan TRAN(チャン ダン スアン)

  • Position: Professor
  • Major: Plant Science, Biotechnology
  • Subjects: Natural Products, Rice Breeding, Crop Science, Agrochemistry
  • Research Theme: Breeding rice tolerant to environmental stresses; Utilization of gene linkage by mutation to breed super crops; Isolation and purification of natural products and determine their biological activities such as herbicidal, antifungal, antioxidant, medicinal and pharmaceutical activities; Biomass energy technology appplication in developing countries.


Book chapters: 4

Research articles

Indexed in Web of Science: 92 articles; Indexed in Scopus: 116 articles; Already accepted (Web of Science indexed Journals): 9 articles (by April 2018)

Research theme for students

(Master course): Biomass energy technology; Weed science; Natural products’ isolation and purification; Rice breeding
(Ph.D course): Rice breeding; Enzyme activities; Isolation and purification of natural products and determination of biological activities; Gene engineering for gene linkage in rice

Lab members

Total: 26; Ph.D: 11; Master: 15; Countries: Laos, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, China, Vietnam, Guinea, Egypt, Afganistan

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